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Occupational health physician

  • Performs medical examinations;
  • Compiles / updates health and risk files;
  • Performs periodic inspections in work environments;
  • Updates the Health Protocol;
  • Develops the annual Health Report;
  • Participate in the Periodic Meeting;
  • It collects the 3B file data of the D.Lgs 81/08 and transmits them to the appropriate web prepared by INAL;
  • Collaborates with the employer and the supervisory and control bodies and security advisers;

  • Collaborates with specific training (risks).

Medical visits

  • Preventive visits;
  • Control visits;
  • Periodic visits;
  • Visits requested by the worker;
  • Release visits if expected;
  • Visit for the protection of pregnancy.


  • Audiometry;
  • Spirometry;
  • Ergophthalmological test;
  • Audit C (Alcoholism history);
  • Drug Test;
  • Electrocardiogram;
  • Rx to the chest;
  • Clinical tests;

First aid training courses

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